The XR2 is sporting its original numberplate once again

There was a nice surprise lying on the door mat when I got back from holiday. No, not cat sick (that would have been a surprise as I haven’t got a cat), but in amongst the junk mail and bills was some official looking docs from the DVLA.

After my inspired talk from Matthew, I decided to cut through the red tape full on with garden shears and get the chav plate on the XR2 switched back to its original number.

You may have read on my blog that swapping a cherished plate for the old one isn’t as simple as having some new plates made up and calling the DVLA. Oh no.

After a morning spent filling in forms and collecting the required paperwork together I sent off the envelope and forgot all about it. Until I got back from holiday that is.

My begging letter to the government department to give me back the original number for the Fiesta had been answered and I’m now the proud owner of E721 WTU and a retention certificate for LIW 1321.

In fact, if you fancy taking that plate off my hands you’re welcome to it for the amount I paid to get it off the car – £105. Tweet me if you’re interested.

Getting the new plate on the XR2 was a bit of a battle though. Halfords were swift at getting them made up (£29.98 if you’re interested), but sticking it to the back of the car was a challenge. The last five owners seem to have done the same but none of them have removed the sticky plastic residue.

After asking for advice from the world of social media it appeared WD40 would do the job. After 15 minutes with a Morrisons petrol card (I knew it might be good for something), a scouring pad and half a can of the stinky stuff I’d only made it look worse.

So I did what all good DIY enthusiasts do – gave up and stuck the new one over the top. Wonder how long that’ll last… Place you bets now please.

And one last thing before I go. Whilst pushing the Fiesta out of the garage I spotted something I hadn’t seen before. It was ever so faint but quite clear, there in the glint of the strip light was the famous Red Bull Wings – a distinct mark on the rear windscreen where a huge sticker had been.

You can just about see it in the pic below…

Yes, horrific as it sounds, a previous owner must have been more of a chav than I’d first thought and deemed a Red Bull Racing sticker a must-have accessory.

I’d rather they had reconditioned the wheels, but still…

Now I’ve just got to remember to notify the insurers that the number plate has changed. Still, the effort has been worth it – the XR2 looks so much better on an age identifier plate.

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