Fiesta XR2 fails its MOT, but there’s plastic surgery planned

Fiesta XR2 fails its MOT, but there’s plastic surgery planned

Failure. It’s never a nice word, especially when it’s plastered all over the top of a bit of paper with MOT written next to it. Yes, that’s right, the trusty old XR2 has failed its annual check up.

My tame mechanic Matt gave it the once over a week ago and unfortunately, despite only covering 943 miles since her last test, she failed. Thankfully it wasn’t too serious – well, at least I don’t think it was.

A missing locking pin, a corroded rubber joint (?) and more seriously two broken rear wheel bearings. I knew there was something up with the latter – the noise told me that – but Matt’s Serious Look Face told me it was probably worse than I’d first thought.

Now there’s a big hole in the garage where E721 WTU should be. Hopefully she’ll be back soon – and while she’s in I’m giving her a bit of plastic surgery too. I’d recently found a set of original Ford spotlights to replace the crappy Ring ones.

Crappy Ring Spots Being swapped for originals

With the help of journo mate Martyn Collins, of Autoblog fame, we managed to find the correct style on eBay – but I had to pay for the privilege, shelling out £90 for the new spots. I can’t wait to get them on, though, as they’ll make a big difference to how she looks.

Also going in is a new stereo. Chevrolet PR manager and serial car buyer, Craig Cheetham, said he had an original XR2 stereo knocking about in his garage and let me have it for a donation to charity BEN. It’s been in my office for eight months, so I’ve got my fingers crossed it actually works when it goes in.

Matt’s also going to check the essentials – oil and plugs – and try and fix the driver’s window winder that doesn’t always put the window up.

@CarDealerDog is looking forward to the XR2's return

We also chatted about the small patches of rust on the bonnet, under the windscreen and around the boot. Matt’s advice was to wait until it gets worse then ‘do the whole car’. At the moment they’re under the paint and don’t look too bad, but the problem is I notice them. Bit like I noticed the spotlights weren’t right…

Maybe it’s something I’ve just got to live with.

I’m looking forward to getting her back though. Test cars through work are a bit thin on the ground at the moment so there’s a good chance I’ll be using the XR2 a bit more over the next few weeks.

Shame it’s at a time of the year when the roads are caked in salt – probably won’t do that rust any good. But then what good is a car you never use?

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