Driving without an MOT is so easy it’s criminal

I WONDER how many people are driving around on the roads today illegally? And I’m not talking about those that know they’re breaking the law, I’m talking about those that are doing it unintentionally.

How many of you have gone to check the documents of your car or motorbike only to realise that said vehicle ran out of MOT days, weeks, God forbid months ago? I know I’ve done it on more than one occasion.

You mentally register the date of the vehicle’s next MOT in your head, but said date comes and goes and before you know it you’ve been hacking around illegally.

Fortunately I spotted the XR2’s MOT had run out before taking to the road. I was due to visit Mr Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer today for a meeting and planned on taking the Fiesta, but fortunately I checked the documents this morning in prepaeration for the reg plate transfer (see earlier post).

It was only when I was filling in the MOT details on the DVLA form that I realised it was out of date on June 7…

A quick call to my trusty mechanic mate Matt at White’s Motors in Portsmouth and the test was arranged for this Saturday.

But it made me think, if I hadn’t checked the documents for the reg transfer how long would I have gone without spotting the MOT had run out? I’m going to start putting them in my iCal diary every year.

The whole incident made me aware of a free service from the DVLA where you can register for free text reminders. It’s a bit of a faff filling in all your details, and it obviously relies on you having the same phone number in 12 months time, but it could help avoid costly slip-ups.

Driving without an MOT is not only illegal but it invalidates your insurance too, leading to massive fines and potentially jail. Not worth taking the risk really is it? But as I said earlier, I wonder how many car owners are making the same mistake I did right now…


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