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Jun 25th, 2011

Riding the London gauntlet on a BMW GS Adventure

THE handy thing about having the GSA tucked away in the garage is it’s always ready for an impromptu trip to London. I used to get the coach, but now the Beemer gets used so infrequently it’d be rude not to take it. If you’ve never riden in our capital before then be prepared for [...]

Jun 15th, 2011

Driving without an MOT is so easy it’s criminal

I WONDER how many people are driving around on the roads today illegally? And I’m not talking about those that know they’re breaking the law, I’m talking about those that are doing it unintentionally. How many of you have gone to check the documents of your car or motorbike only to realise that said vehicle [...]

Jun 14th, 2011

First Time Buyer’s Guide To Buying A Boat

BUYING a boat for the first time isn’t like buying your first car. Back then your old man usually rocked up with a wad of notes/credit card and handed over some folding after kicking the tyres, checking the engine had yellow liquid in it and giving it a test drive – and that’s if you [...]

Jun 13th, 2011

How to swap a cherished numberplate for a standard one

WORD of warning. Do not, whatever you do, under any circumstances ever, and I mean ever, call the DVLA. Why? Because you will lose an hour of your life you will never get back. It would actually be quicker to walk to Wales (it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it’ll still be [...]

Jun 12th, 2011

Why I bought a 1977 Honda ST70 Monkey Bike

TO BE honest, I’m really not sure. But it’s probably the one I love the most in My Garage (just don’t tell the others). Buying it was a bit of a strange one really. I had just interviewed Hyundai UK’s MD for Car Dealer when press officer (and former Auto Express staffer) Tom Barnard ambushed [...]

Jun 12th, 2011

Why I bought a BMW R1150 GS Adventure

WORKING as a motoring journalist – a car one at that – has ever so slightly dulled my passion for cars. Not a lot, but just enough for them to feel like work. That’s what got me into bikes. I’ve never really written about them in a work capacity (I did review a few scooters [...]

Jun 12th, 2011

Why I bought a Ford Fiesta XR2 MKII… again

IF YOU’RE anything like me you’ll probably have a strange attachment to your first car. Well, in my case it’s an attachment to my first ‘proper’ car. My brother was a used car dealer when I was at the age when soaking your armpits in Lynx and smoking Benson and Hedges was the done thing [...]

Jun 12th, 2011

Why I bought a 2008 Ford Focus ST

…Because I’m a boy racer at heart and managed to convince the wife it would be a good idea. As you can probably imagine, buying a car when you’re a motoring journalist is hard work. Not only have you had lots of experience driving many different models that it makes it very hard to choose, [...]

Jun 12th, 2011

Welcome to My Garage Blog

WELCOME to My Garage Blog. Here you can read about the highs and lows of life as a petrolhead. I’m a motoring journalist and run national trade publication Car Dealer Magazine – a monthly title for automotive professionals in the UK. As part of that I get to live the dream, driving some of the [...]